Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby's First Snow

It's been a mess around Atlanta, but the house looks pretty in the snow!  And the puppies are loving it, too.  I am very thankful for a fenced in yard for the dogs on freezing cold days like this - even if it is mostly chicken wire :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Overdue Photo Dump, As Promised

Hello?  Is anybody out there?  Happy 2014 and I'm sorry that I abandoned you (all three of you).  Here's the photo dump I promised months ago!  (ashamed face)

painted lattice and the early stages of grass

stained door and porch 

our first meal, thai while standing... surrounded by boxes

murphy bed had to be ripped apart to bring upstairs

no shower glass = the world's most expensive towel hooks

a new rug! but still no shower door... 

west elm mirrors

how we determined optimal stool height

downstairs bath 

it took a while, but we found the perfect, reasonably priced stools!
mistletoe! and paint/drywall touch ups

Now these are all pictures from a bridal shower that was hosted at the bungalow this past weekend.  We are slowly figuring out the best way to arrange furniture - these will give a little peak of downstairs.

mimosa bar, duh!

new west elm chairs, lagoon blue velvet!

One of these days we'll take pictures with a real camera of all the rooms and outside you so can see the progress.   Until then...


Friday, September 27, 2013

Star Light, Star Bright... and Lots of Installations

Lots and lots of goodness happening!  My family got us this amazing moravian star light for our front porch.  I love it!  We are going to keep the porch gable open now instead of adding beams because this light is too pretty to cover up! (Porch still needs lots of finishing trim work.)

Last week we had all of our plumbing fixtures installed.  Makes a big difference because a) not as many holes in the walls and floors and counter tops and cabinets and b) they are so pretty.  I'm talking shower heads, faucets, and toilets!  The plumber gave me "credit where credit was due" on the kitchen faucet we picked out. Oh. Yeah.

Faucet porn... as previously shared on Instagram, now installed!

Polished chrome in the master bathroom

A peak inside the oval office

We also had our appliances delivered and installed!! They look so awesome that I'm not even annoyed that we are already on our second wine fridge and third microwave trim kit (not shown).  Silly truck loaders screwing up our deliveries...

PS check out these sweet IKEA Hektar pendants!

Kitchen Aid 5 burner gas cooktop gets Ryan all sorts of excited

Is this heaven?

Fun things are happening outside, too.  Like how we officially have a real front door (THAT LOCKS!!).  Ok, technically that's happening on the inside as well.  Its going to be stained dark walnut to match the hardwoods.  Our porch lattice was aslo installed  (going to be painted the same dark green-grey as the window sashes and porch bead board) as well as some little landing pads off all the exterior steps in the front and back. And what's all that hay doing on our front lawn?  Did we man up and get that weeded and seeded, too?!

Still a lot of finishing touches before we call it a done deal, but we are very close!  Next up: paint lattice, stain porch, install hood vent, install cabinet hardware, electrical punch list, finish tile in master shower, install shower glass, and lots of paint touch ups.  Man this list would really suck if we had to do any of it ourselves.


Monday, September 23, 2013

A Very Quick Tile Update...

Tiling is almost done at the house!  Only missing the kitchen backsplash and the bullnose on the bench in the master shower (because I didn't really know what bullnose was so we didn't order enough... oops!)

It looks amazing.  Seriously.  I was worried about the selections for the master bathroom because a) we were playing with quite a few different colors/materials/textures and b) that gigantor shower was one holy hell of an upgrade, and I would have been pissed [at ourselves] if I didn't like the result.

The only thing we are not in love with is the grout in the secondary bathrooms.  The grout we chose just didn't turn out as dark as it looked in the sample.  I like the look of medium-dark grey grout with white subway.  Ours basically looks white.  Which is not to say it looks bad, just not what we had in mind.  Eventually we'll try to dye it darker.

Master Bathroom (Tile Porn)

Practicing ;)

Master Shower Floor (Pre-Grout)

Downstairs Bath
Laundry Room

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tile Update!

Jack and Jill bathroom, check! 

All tile has been laid in the upstairs jack and jill bathroom and it looks great!  White subway in the shower (which will have a dark grey grout for a vintage feel) and 12" x 24" grey industrial/concrete-ish  looking floor tiles.  Can't wait to see the tile in the other bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen!

Blurry iPhone photo... 

The downstairs bathroom has the same tile selections while the master is decked out with marble! So excited/nervous/anxious to see how the master bath turns out.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Tile Installation is Happening!

I don't want to jinx it, but we definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Our tile is going in today - RIGHT NOW!  We went by earlier to confirm tile placement and grout colors with the installers.  SO EXCITED!

Here's a few shots from our many, many trips to Dal tile.  The tile in the last picture was to.die.for.  It came in either a polished or frosted glass.  I was in love.  Then I found it was $60 per tile.  PER TILE.

Picking grout colors

First trip, too many options... head almost exploded

Sneakity peak of a few master bath selections

{Dreams crushed}

Friday, August 23, 2013

Backyard: Early Phases

One of the reasons that we bought our lil' house was the huge lot that came with it.  My parents were even sort of shocked at the size when they saw it in person.  The survey says that the lot is .275 acres which I guess isn't actually as huge as us condo dwellers feel like it is.  The layout makes the backyard really deep, though (like we could fit a pool back there kind of deep, hint hint, Ryan).

That being said, it was a mess as we've shown you before.  For budget reasons, we weren't going to touch the yard until we moved in as it didn't seem like a priority.  When it got to be spring/summertime it was overgrown and there were burrs and mosquitoes everywhere, but it still wasn't the #1 priority.

The urgency came along with all of the rain in Atlanta. The yard was not level and it sort of sloped down towards the house under where the deck was about to be built.  Giant puddles started accumulating next to the foundation.  With our previous mold issue, the thought of building a deck on top of sloped ground and not being able to fix it started to become more and more horrifying.

Step #1: Have landscaper come out with his crew/tools/heavy machinery and rip out all vegetation, drag out the random bushes and huge pile of dead sticks and logs, and level the yard / slope away from the house

Step #2: Seed the whole yard, cover with hay, pine straw around the edges

We went ahead with the first step and planned to do the second step around labor day.  At the time we thought we would be moving in around labor day and that's also when my dad says its best to seed your yard (gotta listen to your dad, yo).  Seemed like a good plan that saved us a little money for the time being.  Until... the rain picked back up and we realized that all of our mud was landsliding right into our neighbors side yard.  City was called on us, Ryan immediately called our guy back out, step #2 happened, and now we have little grass sprouts appearing!

Puddle = Bad

Cleared / Graded

Seeded & Some Azaleas

Little baby grass sprouts

The dogs sure are going to miss playing in the wilderness back there.  Lulu could almost hide in the tall weeds, and Harry particularly enjoyed rolling around on his back all weird like.  Pretty funny to watch when you know how badly Harry likes to keep his feet underneath him.

But soon enough the grass will grow in and they'll get to continue their frolicking and squeaky ball chasing.  We've got big plans for this yard in the future (maybe not as BIG as Mr. Wilinski's dreams for it, though).  One day, we might even cut all the neighbors a break and start on the front yard, too.  Once the port - a - potty is removed, that is.